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Haripada Biswas Pratibandhi Vidyalaya ( established on 12th day of January, 1997 )

My dear Brothers and Sisters,
Nava Barrackpore Siksha Samaj established a School for the Disabled Children ( M. R. & H. I. ) on 12th January, 1997 i.e. on the auspicious Birthday of Swami Vivekananda in memory of late Haripada Biswas - the founder of New Barrackpore Colony. Sri Biswas was a friend of poor and helpless peopl, a man of great faith, courage and organising ability.

The school started functioning in another school of the society, organising as a morning shift one, then gradually the Siksha Samaj procured funds and acquired a small plot of land and constructed a building for the school. The foundation stone of the said building was laid down on 12.01.2000 by the Central Minister, Sri Tapan Sikder and was ceremonially opened on 14.12.2002 by the Finance Minister of West Bengal Dr. Ashim Dasgupta. In addition to construction of the building the Samaj procured essential furniture and fittings, educational equipments and aids, means and materials for imparting effective and quality education and service to the challenged students all by its own fund.

That since the inception of the school has been running with the help and financial assistance of the kindhearted persons of the locality. Such financial help has been decreased due to death of some donors.

That considering our financial position and considering the urgency of a school for the disabled children at New Barrackpore, Dr. Arjun Sengupta, M.P. was pleased to grant us Rs. 8,00,000 /- (Rupees eight lacs) only and by his financial assistance alongwith the help of local people we have constructed a building at Sankar Pukurpar within the Ward No. 5 of the New Barrackpore Municipality.

We, on behalf of the unfortunate and challenged boys and girls of this school whom we try to teach and train with the great zeal of service to helpless student is service to God to enable them to live all by their own efforts.

Our teaching and non-teaching staffs are organising the school. They are serving the institution since last 18 years on a pittance though we are not in a position to pay them a reasonable and required remuneration.

On 30.07.2003 the Govt. of W.B. granted Academic Recognisition to a School without any financial help. That though our School is recognised by Govt. and recognised by the National Trust, Govt. of India, I am sorry to say, due to financial deficiency our school is steadily proceeding towards the way of closure. At his stage we are praying before the noble and generous persons to come forward for the betterment of the School considering the face of the 60 nos. of disable students who are now under the care and control of this institution.

Teaching and training of disable children require individual attention and care and close monitoring of their physical requirement. Only a specially trained teachers can teach, train and help them.

That most of our students come here from the weaker section of the society. As such, we are not in a position to enhance monthly tuition fees from those students. As such, without injuring the financial capacity of the parents of our students we are praying for financial assistance from the noble persons. Unless and until our Govt. take this school in the interest of the disable children and also to remove the sufferings of the teaching and non-teaching staff.

That I am glad to say on 11th of December, 2008 the Governor of West Bengal, Sri Gopal Krishna Gandhi who besides being Gandhiji’s grandson, a senior and effective administrative and reputed literary person and a man of sound judgment visited our institution in order to lay the foundation stone of the New Block of Haripada Biswas Pratibandhi Vidyalaya and after being fully satisfied, he expressed his blessing for the development of our institution. It can be mentioned here that he has given time to us for spending one hour at our institution but appearing here after being fully satisfied he has spend more than four year to our institution.

That for the development and betterment of our school we pray to the kind hearted and generous persons to donate some amount as they think fit and proper considering the faces of our disable students, apart from God there is none to look after them.

That the Nava Barrakpur Siksha Samaj have obtained the exemption facility of 80G of I.T. Act, Govt. India as such all the donation paid in favour of our institution will be tax-free.

Thank you to all and persons blessing of all corners of the state so that we can proceed and develop our institution on the strength of the blessings of Swami Vivekananda.

It can be mentioned here, the disable children are different able and given due help and care, they in most cases may live a normal life with dignity. When after a few years some of our students become self supporting and begin to lead a better life like and other normal human being, that will fill our heart with extreme delight. Only then we will get our satisfaction.

Bablu Guha
Haripada Biswas Pratibandhi Vidyalaya
Pratap Kumar Ghosh
Nava Barrakpur Siksha Samaj

N.B. : For exemption of I.T. pay to the Secretary, Nava Barrakpur Siksha Samaj.


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